Sometimes You Need Physical therapy

How physical therapy helps you when you suffer from sciatica

The majority of people experience tingling down the leg, numbness and pain daily, and they do not know what they can do to improve their state. In the majority of cases, they take a lot of pills and they hope that the pain will go away. These symptoms are common, and they affect people’s lives in a negative way. If you suffer from these symptoms, then you should talk with a specialist, because there are other ways of dealing with pain, than taking pills. Physical therapy is an effective method to treat sciatica, and after having a few session people state that they feel pain-free.


What is sciatica?

Sciatica is the pain you experience down your legs, and in the majority of cases, it is caused by a low-back problem. The sciatic nerve starts at your low back and it crosses your leg on its back to your foot. There are many reasons why this nerve is symptomatic. Some common problems are narrowing or stenosis of the nerve space, herniated disc, misalignment of the pelvis or tightness in the hip. Sciatic symptoms include cramping, numbness, pain, tingling, weakness in the muscles of your legs and burning.

Can physical therapy help you if you suffer from sciatica?physical-therapy-encinitas-ca

If you want to find an effective treatment for sciatica symptoms, then you should ask a therapist design you a program according to your needs. Physical therapists Encinitas have the needed knowledge and they can use different techniques to treat you.

  • According to your state, they can use McKenzie-based mechanical therapy and diagnosis. This therapy both assesses and treats the low back pain and sciatica. The McKenzie therapy is not designed as a simple set of exercises, it is created as an algorithm that classifies your spinal problem and adequately treats it.
  • Other option would be to include in your program muscle energy techniques. The main goal of this type of therapy is to improve the joint and musculoskeletal function. It is also very effective in improving pain.
  • The therapist may decide that all you need are back strengthening exercises. If you have a strong and well-conditioned back, then it will be able to withstand stress and it will protect your spine. If you condition it through strengthening and flexibility, it will relieve your pain, it will help you avoid injury and it will minimize the severity of the injury, in case you experience one.

What you have to do in case you have sciatica

The first thing you have to do if you experience this type of pains is to see a physical therapist Encinitas to help you determine if you suffer from this affection. They will also design you a treatment to help you deal with this condition. It is better to see a specialist as soon as possible, because in this way you will be able to treat yourself faster. In addition, you should watch your posture, and make sure you use lumbar support when you perform bending activities or when you sit. You have to keep moving, because if you put yourself to bed rest you will only make your condition worse. These are only some of the things you should do; your therapist will offer you specialized advice.