Tips for lawn care in York PA

Useful tips on spring lawn care

Spring is the season when everything changes outside because the sun becomes warm and the cool breeze is everywhere. People start being aware of the fact that their lawn needs special care and they wait for the perfect moment to use their lawnmowers. Unfortunately, not all of them manage to obtain a perfect lawn and this is the reason why it is very important to learn some essential tips. If you have the same problems, but you don’t want to give up struggling to have a spectacular yard, it means that you are ready to start doing things right.


Professional soil testing

You may need a professional soil testing because you will manage to identify the right problem and you will know how to fix it. Many people are wondering why soil testing is so important, but only specialists can offer the right answer. All of them will tell you that it is vital to know the correct pH and chemical composition. These details will help you achieve the maximum results. The measures of acidity as well as alkalinity are playing an important role in this process. However, many other chemicals, nutrients and minerals must be analyzed in order to detect the most serious problems. There are so many things you must learn about the lawn care, but nothing would be very difficult as long as specialists will assist you. You should request for this test every couple of years because the soil’s composition is changing very fast.


Another great thing that you should do in order to maintain your lawn green and healthy is racking. This type of activity is helping you cleaning the area and also control the thatch. Many people are doing this thing only during fall, but it should be done during spring too. It will help you remove the dead grass blades that don’t look good because they will turn into thatch. The new grass will face some difficulties trying to penetrate the matted patches, so you must prevent this problem.

 Balanced fertilization

Unfortunately, many people don’t know how to fertilize their lawn without causing harm. If you have also had such problems, you should stop using fertilizers without asking the specialists’ advice. The soil needs balanced-nutrient applications in order to help the plants grow healthy. The fertilization process is very important because it makes the roots stronger, meaning that the natural color will last longer.

Mowing the grass

It is very important to mow the grass properly because it has to grow healthy and it should look smooth all the time. The mowing height and frequency are very important because you can destroy the grass if you don’t know how to do it right. Make sure that you are using the right blades because they can remove nutrients or even expose the soil to sunlight, which can favor the weeds to grow. If your current lawnmower doesn’t work properly, you should consider buying another one because it will cause you so many problems.